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Hello everyone, just joined up here. I see that this community is going to be relatively active! Yay for that! Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a Cancer with Cancer moon and Leo rising. I have a few Capricorn friends and a few Libra friends, and find that I get along famously with both signs! Capricorns are Cancer's polar opposite, so we definitely bond. Libras are fascinating to me. They have a very different way of approaching life and thinking. Same for Aries. I know very few Aries but I admire their tenacity and zest for life!

It's bizarre that Cancer somehow fits into the cardinal catagory, as we are somewhat different than the other signs, but I must say that aside from other water signs, I mix best with other cardinals.

Today I am having a very Cancer day. Sort of sad and brooding and feeling rather anti-social and a bit crabby as well! I guess you could say Valentine's Day isn't one of my favorites. I'm really missing the man I love, who is a few hours away but seems continents away right now...

But anyway, I usually use my journal for expressing emotions, so the writing in there tends to be a bit dramatic at times. But in the true Cancer fashion, I keep feelings mostly locked inside until I can have a safe outlet for them--which usually ends up being the journal! Haha. I'd love to add more friends now that I'm a bit more actively involved here. So, feel free to friend me! I think this is a cool community and I'm interested to see what develops here. :)
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Libras are fascinating to me. They have a very different way of approaching life and thinking.

That's interesting. What differences do you see? (I'm a libran).
Well, the Libran friends I've made (all 3 have been guys, I should probably mention), all seem to contemplate and speak of things that probably wouldn't cross my mind at all! It's sort of an abstract way of thinking. All were incredibly intelligent, and of course had that sparkle about them, that way with people and attention to their physical appearance.

But because they are not as emotionally driven as us Cancers, they take a very level-headed approach to things. I rarely saw any of them get truly upset, even when things were VERY bad. Instead of overreacting, or even showing any sort of disappointment or sadness, they just picked up, brushed off and said, "oh well!" Quite the inspiration to me.
Yup, that sounds like me and other librans I know (I'm female). I like to give practical support when there's trouble and it makes sense to me to move forward from things that have already happened that you can't change, to fix things in the moment and the future that you can put right (a 'no use crying over spilt milk' mentality). I can be practical and calm in someone else's crisis. I don't easily lose my temper and it takes a lot of continual annoyances to wind me up, so it's like the straw that broke the camel's back. I can be very emotional in certain situations, but they the kinds of thing that would really upset anybody, like a break up or bereavement...or a Lassie movie :-) I think librans can be drawn to the Arts as an outlet for all of those emotions they may not always show publically.
I think so, too! One of my friends is seriously into theater, and my mom, who is a Libra to the core, is an amazing painter. You and my mom are just the same. She needs continual annoyances to finally tip her off.
My youngest daughter is a Cancer, and my father (my opposite sign) is a Libra. But anywho, welcome aboard:)
Thank you! My daughter is also a Cancer, and so is my ex-husband! We certainly had plenty of emotional energy in our household! My mom is a Libra.