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Bonjour fellow Cardinal peoples.

Allo. The name's are my stats. I have mostly cardinal signs in my birth chart with a little bit of mutable-ness :)

Libra sun
Gemini Moon
Gemini Rising
Libra Mercury
Sagittarius Mars
Libra Saturn
Scorpio Jupiter
Sagittarius Neptune
Sagittarius Uranus
Libra Pluto

So yep I'm 3 quarters airhead and 1 quarter fire-cracker. That damn Sagittarius mars placement combined with a Gemini moon makes my temper very bad and I can unfortunately be quite moody. I have more than 3 personalities some days :(
But on the plus side I'm very persistent/tenacious with my work, i'm quite flexible/easygoing and am quite amusing/humorous person to be around. A goofball to be exact- it doesn't take much to get this libra laughing. I guess I could piss off a real earth sign bad though...I'm not serious enough at times and too serious when I really don't need to be.
Oh well, love me or hate me *shrugs*

Later fellow cardinal signs :D
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