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Hello everyone, just joined up here. I see that this community is going to be relatively active! Yay for that! Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a Cancer with Cancer moon and Leo rising. I have a few Capricorn friends and a few Libra friends, and find that I get along famously with both signs! Capricorns are Cancer's polar opposite, so we definitely bond. Libras are fascinating to me. They have a very different way of approaching life and thinking. Same for Aries. I know very few Aries but I admire their tenacity and zest for life!

It's bizarre that Cancer somehow fits into the cardinal catagory, as we are somewhat different than the other signs, but I must say that aside from other water signs, I mix best with other cardinals.

Today I am having a very Cancer day. Sort of sad and brooding and feeling rather anti-social and a bit crabby as well! I guess you could say Valentine's Day isn't one of my favorites. I'm really missing the man I love, who is a few hours away but seems continents away right now...

But anyway, I usually use my journal for expressing emotions, so the writing in there tends to be a bit dramatic at times. But in the true Cancer fashion, I keep feelings mostly locked inside until I can have a safe outlet for them--which usually ends up being the journal! Haha. I'd love to add more friends now that I'm a bit more actively involved here. So, feel free to friend me! I think this is a cool community and I'm interested to see what develops here. :)
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